Go Box

I decided to build whats now called a go box. It was primarily going to be for my Elad FDM-DUO QRP rig. The idea was to make it a self contained ready to go radio complete with antenna tuner and power supply.

Here you can see the ventilation holes drilled into the partition.
The feet of the radio drop into the recesses drilled into the bottom of the plywood insert which is designed to fit in a steel military surplus ammo box. The extra holes were not part of a grand design… I decided to change the mount after I had the holes in the bottom. I suppose I can still say its for added versatility :>)





This is the case from the back side before the back or bottom of the case is attached. The lower compartment on the left of this pic is for the battery and power management. The controls will be recessed and a small fan will be located behind the 2″ hole with the grill.

Here is what the radio will look like installed in the case.

Nice little piano hinge and below that on the divider shelf near the back is a bump strip for the Netbook. The Computer can be used with the DUO

The ‘top’ of the case has a finger hole so the top can be opened to remove parts stored in the case. There is room for a XP Netbook, some long wire antennas and a small 1:1 or 4:1 Balun.

Here is the mocked up just before varnish version. In front of the case is the 1:1/4:1 Elecraft Balun with the Elecraft T2 20 watt antenna tuner.

Next we’ll mount the batteries and wire the fan controls and the LED work lights.

Tool Rack

Here is a pic of a tool rack to hold some of my crimping tools.

I used 1″ PVC pipe. Just drill all the way through with the body drill sized for the screw you elect to use to mount it, and then drill one side of the pipe large enough to pass the head of the screw.
If you use a longer screw, and drill only out to the body size of the screw you could put small round stuff in it. Using large pipe it could be a rack for a bottles of solvent or liquid electrical tape, flash lights or whatever.